Bitcoin Core. The synthesis.

The thesis of Bitcoin is built upon "trust minimization.”

Satoshi had the humility to keep the focus off of himself and on the vision of a "decentralized trust network."

The Bitcoin maxim, ”Don't trust, Verify” is in itself, psychological revolution. It implies turning away from external validation.

BCH however, with their self proclaimed leaders, is the anti-thesis of Bitcoin. They are con-men in the true sense of the word. They are "confidence men” as they rely on people trusting them.

The word “con-fidence” literally means "with fidelity.” Real confidence comes from following our internal values, not following external authorities. When we follow our values, we begin to trust ourselves.

We can trust our core values. If we follow our values and not look outwardly at authorities for guidance, we will comprehend what it means to be a sovereign individual.

The term "gnosis" means "direct knowing.” The "gnostics" were considered heretics because they rejected priests as intermediaries. We can safely reject Bitcoin CEOs and self proclaimed leaders, and trusted 3rd parties. We reject "authorities" of Bitcoin, false prophets and fake Satoshis.

Bitcoin is the thesis.

BCH is the anti-thesis.

Bitcoin Core is the synthesis of core values and big blocks.

With confidence and humility.

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